5 Ideas to Celebrate Bucks Weekend on the Gold Coast

Are you looking to celebrate bucks weekend on the Gold Coast? If yes, then be ready to have the weekend of your life. From ladies to alcohol, the Gold Coast has it all. Here are five bucks night ideas:

1. Buck Fishing

One of the best bucks party activities includes a fishing weekend with the boys. You will be surrounded by enchanting water and subtle nature. You can fish with your friends as you enjoy the beautiful surrounding environment while you drink and exchange stories. You can even take a cruiser full of pretty ladies and go deep sea fishing.

2. Cool Bars

Your bucks party in Gold Coast will not be complete without visiting some great bars. You can start the night with a few drinks at the renowned The 1 Two 3 Bar. Then go on the move and stop at the Runaway Bay Tavern. In addition to the variety of drinks, the bar has outstanding live music and food for you to enjoy. In case there is a live sports game you would like to watch, visit the Currumbin Sports Bar, where TVs are massive and ready to air live sports from around the world. Enjoy your favorite game as you take down a couple of drinks.

3. Strippers and Topless Waitress

The hiring of strippers and naked waitresses will make your bucks party a memorable one, especially if you have never received a dance from a stripper before. You can either go to a strip club or invite hot naked women to attend your personalized bucks party. Allow the naked women to dance on you seductively and complete your bachelorhood in style. Let the naked girls carry out their pleasurable bucks party activities by handcuffing and blindfolding the groom. The hot women will excitingly serve you a drink and offer you a strip teasing night full of X-rated activities.

4. Great Night Clubs

Check out nightclubs in the Gold Coast for a great bucks party weekend. You will get the chance to dance with beautiful ladies and make some new friends. Visit the Sin City Nightclub for plenty of fun and high-class parties. The nightclub features funky décor, an atmosphere full of the party mood, and well-stocked bars. This is the ideal place to have fun, let loose, and enjoy the women in their skimpy clothes. Melbas Nightclub provides special events and lures celebrities, famous DJ’s, and even more women. The Vanity Nightclub features a lay-low atmosphere, all types of music for dancing, and cool theme nights. At this place, the ladies at the Gold Coast go wild.

5. Go-Kart Racing

Don’t complete your bucks weekend before participating in a go-kart race. The Gold Coast go-kart racing has cool and appealing racing suits, and you can compete with your friends. It will give you a lot to laugh about and plenty of fun. Spend a full afternoon playing as an F1 racer


Bucks weekend on the Gold Coast provides you with some of the best-drunk stories you will live to share with your friends. Drinking is just the tip of the iceberg as the topless waitresses, and the sexiest strippers on the Gold Coast will give you a night to remember. Dancing in some of the best nightclubs with some of the most beautiful ladies will leave your bucket list. Other activities like fishing and go-kart racing will be icing on the cake.

Author: Dan Collins

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