Activities you should try when visiting the UK

There is such a lot to do and see for tourists visiting Britain that it’s hard to list everything. Contrary to what misinformed people believe, you don’t have to leave the country to find experiences that are world class. The UK has something for all tastes and every member of the family and is host to a terrific cocktail of adventure from sightseeing to activity breaks.
Here are four top attractions that are worth a look, and will allow you to see that London is not the be-all and end-all of the country’s tourist industry

The Isle of Man Stargazing Dark Sites

The Isle of Man is one of England’s best-kept secrets and is already famous for its Motorcycle racing events during the summer. One of the main reasons for a tourist to visit this tiny island is the clearness of the sky and the lack of almost any light pollution. These two factors make the Isle of Man the number one place in Britain for stargazing. The stargazing tourist industry is growing bigger every year, and the Isle of Man is set to become an international venue.
The island is in the Irish Sea between Ireland and Britain. It is self-governing, and ‘quirky’ and visitors often feel that they are stepping back in time when they arrive. Here you will discover 26 Dark Sky sites, which include Peel Castle and Cregneash. If the conditions are right, it is possible to see the Milky Way in all of its glory. If you don’t want to travel to Alaska or Norway, then here you can catch the Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis is a natural occurrence that is on most people’s bucket list, and this is an attraction for all of the family.

A Helicopter Experience

Lots of visitors pour into Britain every year that want nothing more than to see the sights that are on offer. For those people that enjoy seeing things in a different way, helicopter flights are highly recommended. It’s cheaper than you imagine and is guaranteed to make the holiday a memorable one. We have all experienced travelling in a plane, but taking off vertically and having fantastic views from the sky is stunning and takes sightseeing to another level. Travelling high above London will give you an idea of the vastness and beauty of this city. Helicopter experiences, however, are available all over Britain and can be enjoyed as a family adventure.


Walking and Discovering Pubs in the Cotswolds

There is nothing that sums up English culture more than the pub, and where better to experience their charm than the Cotswolds. Often the simplest of pleasures are the ones that live in the memory longest. This is the ‘golden patch’ of South West England that has a relaxed atmosphere and an ageless charm. Organised Walking tours through the lush countryside are relaxing, and visiting the pubs in picturesque little towns such as Tetbury and Painswick gives a taste of what British life is all about.

Skiing in the Cairngorms

It is no longer true that Scottish ski resorts are looked down on as a poor substitute for France, Germany, or Switzerland. The facilities in the Cairngorms have improved so much over the last decade that they compare favourably with anything on the continent.


Scotland offers visitors the quality of skiing of the Alpine regions without the crowds or the pretentious prices.


Author: Dan Collins

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