Like the website that much? Well guess what… you can advertise here! Dan at Llangollen Aqueduct

On AdventuresWithDan we accept all kinds of adverting opportunities:

  • Text Links – Available in the sidebar of the site or within a relevant post.
  • Banner Ads – Available in the sidebar of the site.
  • Guest Posts
  • Sponsored Posts – can’t be bothered writing a guest post? That’s OK, I’ll write one for you and you can sponsor it!
  • Reviews – Want me to review one of your products, services or websites? Get in touch!
  • Trips in exchange for reviews – Fancy sending me somewhere and have me write about it? Well sure, I’ll go! Get in touch and we’ll sort something out!

Before you send me an email – if your email includes the sentence or something close to “don’t worry, the post is totally free of charge, all I would require is a link” – don’t bother. Just ask for the ad rates. I’ve worked in Marketing long enough to know what you’re doing.

I don’t take part in CPC or purchase based revenue schemes so please don’t contact me regarding those either!

If any of the others take your fancy, send me an email!

N.B: I will only link to relevant sites… no dodgy things, please! Any guest posts that include a link to a company website or involve any sort of advertising for a company will incur a charge. Please ask me for my rates card.