Australia Travel Give-Away!

Traveling in Australia? Looking for a nice place to stay for a couple of nights? Now is your time to do it for free!, a new online platform that connects travelers and hosts by blending regular booking sites with couchsurfing, has joined forces with Adventures With Dan to give away vouchers worth $75 (which should be a two night stay) that can be used throughout Australia. Win, book, and stay for free on your next trip! The vouchers can be used any time this year!

For a chance to win vouchers, answer this simple question:

If you could crash at anyone’s place, whose would it be and why?

Leave your answer as a comment on this post. Don’t forget to leave your email address when commenting (won’t be published on the blog) so that Wimdu can send you your voucher! Check out and see what properties are offered throughout Australia (so far).

We’ve got plenty of vouchers to give away so scroll down and get commenting! Good Luck!

Author: Dan Collins

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  1. I would crash at Keith Richards’ place because he is super sexy, has awesome guitar skills, and I could fall sleep to the gentle plucking of a g-string…

  2. I’d like to stay at Joe Bloggs house…that way I can get to know the locals,enjoying some good home cooking and explore the authentic side of wherever I’m at πŸ™‚

  3. Right now I would like to crash at my parents… a little lame I know, but it’s been too long and they always have good food and wine!

  4. My cousin sent me a link to this Wimdu thing for Europe, but I didn’t really get the gist of it…is it like paid housesitting?

    Anyways, I would probably crash at your house Dan, so that you could help me with our blog!!! πŸ™‚ Beers on me, of course!!!

  5. Katy Perrys.. because you know why!

  6. That’s way to big of a question! Whose house? Errmm… Probably some surfer dude/chick in Australia so they could show me the ropes!

  7. your crush on Keith Richards is mega disturbing. πŸ˜›

  8. I’d like to stay at Shane Warne’s place. Not because he’s necessarily all that interesting, but you know that there’ll be hot girls hanging round as far as the eye can see…

  9. Vouchers are on the way to all of you πŸ™‚

  10. I would love to stay with anyone rich enough to own not just a house but their own island….

  11. Richard Branson?

  12. I’d crash at Vinny Chase’s, entourage baby πŸ™‚

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