Cedar Creek – Mt Tamborine

As you’ve probably read, Cedar Creek is probably my favourite place in Australia so far (apart from my bed) so I thought it deserved a whole post of its own!

If you’re thinking of going to Cedar Creek then you need to get to Mount Tambourine on the Gold Coast, look for “Thunderbird Park” and it’s a little turn-off with a very small sign post on a rather tight bend. You have to go down a small lane and then cross a stream to get to the car park. If it hasn’t been raining then there is a platform across the stream, but if it has been raining then be careful as it can be quite strong sometimes and will rise above the platform (personally I think it’s more fun when it’s been raining). Once you get to the car park you have to walk down a few hundred yards and you’ll come to a bridge that will take you to the entrance of the trail that leads down to the falls. There’s a few lookout spots on the way down which are good places for a photo but the best shots are at the bottom of the falls.

Cedar Creek gold coastOnce you get to the bottom you’ll be greeted by a rather awesome looking waterfall cascading in to a rather awesome looking rock pool. There are signs around saying you shouldn’t swim in the pools but everybody does anyway so I’d take some swimming gear with you if I were you! Again, if it’s been raining be very careful as the flow of the water can get very strong. The first time we went to Cedar it had been raining the day before and we found a large trail of blood so we can only imagine some poor guy lost his footing. I say “guy” because there was a pair of shoes abandoned there with some other clothes. They looked like they had been placed carefully too so they definitely belonged to somebody.

Gold Coast Cedar CreekWhen we go to Cedar we prefer to deviate from the path a little and go a bit further downstream. We climb down one of the waterfalls to a pool below that’s pretty private due to nobody else leaving the main area of the Creek. It’s surrounded by trees but because it’s in a type of basin it’s a real heat trap. On a sunny day you’ll feel yourself warming up much faster than you would if you were further upstream. Luckily though there is another rock pool there that’s much deeper than the other. Somebody has made a rope swing there off one of the waterfalls so if you’re adventurous enough then you should give it a go – just swing away from the rocks and again be careful if it’s been raining! I haven’t used the rope swing but Tom has. There’s also a rock there around 10ft high that you can jump from – again make sure you jump away from the rocks.

Gold Coast Cedar CreekI can’t remember how we came across Cedar Creek in the first place. We found it the first time I was in Australia but I imagine we were just looking for waterfalls. It doesn’t look to be a place that many people go to as it’s not advertised that well. It’s never been too busy when we’ve been there either so that probably adds to the reason why it’s one of my favourite places.

I’d recommend taking a bit of a picnic with you as there is a nice picnic area there – just make sure you don’t litter. I can’t stand people who litter nice places like that. They deserve to be shot.

I can’t wait for summer to hit so we can actually go back to the Creek and do some swimming. It’s warm enough outside at the moment but the water is still pretty cold so I’d rather not just yet! There’s so much wildlife in the area too – lizards, goanna’s, snakes, spiders, eels – all sorts of crazy things, no alligators though, don’t worry! We’ve been in the water a fair few times also so there’s nothing dangerous in there (that we know of!).

Author: Dan Collins

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