Climbing a Mountain with a Broken Foot – Snowdon, Wales

Still full of energy and excitement from my recent travels and with my fitness levels still fairly high I decided to round up a few of my old friends to tackle a mountain close to home. I’ve wanted to climb Snowdon for so long, but for some reason I’ve never gotten around to doing it.


Near the bottom of Snowdon

3 of my friends managed to get the day away from University to join me. We packed a bitof lunch in some bags, had our gear and rain coats sorted then set off in the early morning. Because I didn’t sell my car before leaving the UK I was desperate to go on a long trip again so I volunteered to drive. It took some getting used to after owning a goliath of a 4×4 but I loved it!

We drove through the Welsh countryside taking in some of the most fantastic views! If it wasn’t cloudy then you could have easily mistaken the area for parts of Australia or New Zealand.

We parked up at the bottom of one of the trails up the mountain and slowly started our climb. I wasn’t expecting it to be so steep so soon in to the climb but the first 800m is an absolute killer! It levels off for a while after that but once you’re past ‘halfway house’ the path keeps inclining until you’re literally scrambling to reach the top.

Train going up Snowdon

People who cheated and took the train to the top!

All of the way up Snowdon you’re greeted with some fantastic views. We stopped every now and again to take things in, snap a few photos and refresh with a few drinks. We’d occasionally get chatting to other climbers but then leave them once they stopped for a rest. If you’re not a very good walker/ climber then there’s a train that you can take which will drop you off a few hundred metres from the summit.

As we were walking up the mountain the sun was going in and out behind the clouds making things impossibly uncomfortable some times. When the sun was out and beating down on us it was far too hot to be wearing the jackets that I had on, but when the sun went behind a cloud the temperature plummeted to the point of my hands becoming numb from the cold.

Bad Weather Snowdon

Holy Sh*t, where did this weather come from?!

Most of the way up we had a clear path and were able to see where we were going but around 600m from the summit cloud, fog and high winds made it impossible to see more than a few feet in front of you. By this point we’d split into groups of two and stuck with each other until we managed to get out of the clouds and fog. Being able to see the summit for the first time was an awesome feeling. We had some lunch at the top and sat there for as long as we could before reaching the point where body parts started to form icicles on them….. It’s not uncommon for the top of Snowdon to be covered in snow. Fortunately it wasn’t on the day we decided to go up but there were plenty patches of ice around.

The walk back down the mountain isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. With it being so steep, every step you take is heavy and forces all of your weight down so that you don’t fall or tumble. After a while your legs start to ache and unfortunately so do your butt cheeks. It wasn’t until a few days after the climb when I fell off a wall that I discovered I’d actually walked the mountain with a broken bone in my foot. Guesses are it was from when I fell at the base of a waterfall in Australia but it was only a minor break and so that’s why I didn’t feel any pain.

If you’re in Wales and you like mountains definitely take a day to walk up it! I’ll even come with you if I’m here…

Summit of Snowdon

At the summit of Snowdon... wearing a t-shirt, jumper, 2 jackets, gloves and a hat... I was still cold!


Beautiful Wales...


Looking back through the clouds


The scenery changes all of the time!

Author: Dan Collins

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