My 2011 in Photos

2011 went by in a flash. It was probably one of the busiest years I’ve had so far… I visited 6 countries, 3 of which I lived in for a while. Had 4 different jobs, met heaps of good new friends… lost some along the way too but let’s not put a downer on this! I changed blog names from Dan in Australia to Adventures With Dan. Accomplished a lot more things on my bucket list (but added more things than I crossed off!). Upgraded my camera gear, visited hospital 22 times, broke 2 bones, sold my 4×4 and my boat, reclaimed my old car from the UK, travelled via airplane for over 100 hours, drove more miles than I can remember…. but most important of all – I had fun! Check out the photos… there’s a lot!!

In 2011 I…

Knowsley Safari Park

Got up close to some dangerous animals

London Bridge

Visited places in my home country

London Underground

Rode the underground for the first time ever!

Beatles Liverpool

Met the Beatles

Playing the bongo

Became a part of the exibition in a Liverpool museum

Australia boat

Sold my motor boat... I loved that thing!

Feeding a monkey Thailand

Made friends with monkeys in Thailand

Party surfers paradise

Partied like a pro in Surfers Paradise

Koh Tao Beach

Fell in love with Koh Tao

Baan Chang Elephant Sanctuary

Washed an Elephant

Overnight bus bangkok

Got touched up by a lady boy while trying to sleep in Thailand

Eels bangkok

Tried some local delacies in Bangkok

12 apostles great ocean road

Crossed off some bucket list goals

Twin Falls gold coast

Stood under a waterfall in the rain forest

Currumbin Gold Coast

Held some exotic animals

Currumbin Gold Coast

Got up close and personal with a koala!

Top of Snowdon

Cimbed the highest mountain in Wales... with a broken foot!


Explored the Welsh mountains

Moel Famau Flintshire

Mastered the local mountains of Wales

Monkeys Phuket

Made some furry friends

Sunset Koh Tao Thailand

Witnessed some amazing sunsets

Firespinner Koh Tao

Made friends with a firespinner

Tiger Kingdom Thailand

Cuddled a tiger

Grand Palace Thailand

Walked through the Grand Palace

Fire Photography

Took tips from my firespinner friend and made some cool photos!

Highland Games

Watched the Highland Games in Scotland

Currumbin Wildlife Gold Coast

Fed Kangaroos

Scottish Highlands

Explored the Scottish Highlands

Royal Guard

Became a Royal Guard at Edinburgh Castle


Saw some awesome places


Explored a jungle


Went to Bath


Saw a bath in Bath

Big guns

Shot some big guns

London Eye

Rode the London Eye

Houses of Parliament

Visited the Houses of Parliament

Changing of the Guard

Witnessed the Changing of the Guard in London

Cambridge University

Studied at Cambridge... (I wish!)

Water Photography

Made my best mate take a water balloon to the face for some awesome photos

Currumbin Wildlife Gold Coast

Got accepted as 'one of them'

Tiger Kingdom

Feared for my life

Uncle Dan

Became an uncle

┬áThese are just a few of the things I’ve been able to do… for my first year of travelling I’d say it wasn’t too bad… would you!?

Author: Dan Collins

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