Photo Roundup: The Past 12 Months

I’ve already told you this week what the past year has meant for me and the path I ended up taking… well now you get to see exactly what I’ve been up to in the form of my favorite photos for the past 12 months! Enjoy….

Cedar Creek Australia

My first ever Australian rock pool!

Twin Falls

My first Australian waterfall and rainforest!



cedar creek

The place I spent most of my days, Cedar Creek, Australia

Stradbroke Island

Stranded on Straddie!

My first Aussie friend!

My first Aussie friend!

My first experience with a kangaroo!

My first experience with a kangaroo!

Sitting on top of a waterfall

Sitting on top of a waterfall

Boat and 4x4

Buying my boat and 4x4

Mt Warning

Standing on top of the world at Mt Warning

Sunset Australia

The amazing Sunsets of Australia


Cowabunga duuuude

My best Aussie friend

My best Aussie friend


My first Christmas away from home

Koala Currumbin

My first experience with a Koala

Crocodile currumbin

Crocodile currumbin


Riding through the outback

hooters australia

Meeting friends from all over the world

Dark drive

Surviving a drive through the river

12 apostles

The Great Ocean Road!


The Outback at night


The amazing storms


The amazing scenery


The entertainment

sunset thailand

The different cultures

The different animals

The different animals



Launching a water balloon in to my friends face

Moel Famau

Climbing the local mountain

Big gun

Playing with some big guns!


Author: Dan Collins

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