Phuket, Patong and Bangla Road

One of the most tourist orientated areas in Thailand is the buzzing beach area of Patong. After a short bus ride from Phuket town we arrived on the main strip of Patong where we were greeted by hoards of old people with leather-looking skin from spending the whole day at the beach.

With Patong being our last stop in Thailand (sad face) we decided to book a luxury hotel (happy face). We were staying at the Wild Orchid Resort, it was a little out of the way of the main strip but not too far so we could walk there and back.In the day times we would spend some time relaxing in town. We took a walk to the beach, grabbed some food from one of the restaurants and then took a stroll around the markets. With it being so hot we were walking around with our t-shirts off but soon realised we were attracting a bit of attention. Whenever we walked past a massage pallor the Thai girls that were standing outside would smile, stroke my torso and say “sexy body, want a massage?”

Needless to say, after my experience in Bangkok I decided not to have a massage. We’d occasionally be stopped by them grabbing our arm and making us talk but my persistence paid off eventually and we were allowed to leave.

At night time we had a meal at the resort (which was fantastic!) and then took a walk towards the infamous Bangla Road. On the way there we took another walk through the market where a lady-boy fortune teller grabbed my hand and started to rub it. They started to tell my future and how I was going to meet a lovely Thai girl… before they could go any further I took my hand back and carried on walking.

Patong Sunset

Patong Sunset

I had no idea what to expect in Bangla Road but its safe to say I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. There were Thai girls lining the streets, yelling at you to come and see them and speak to them. We got a little too close to the bars sometimes and were physically grabbed/ bear hugged by Thai girls who were trying to get us to buy them a drink.

We didn’t have any intention of going in to the bars but we thought we’d see what all of the fuss was about anyway.

It’s quite funny walking up and down to see the kind of attention you’re given, but it can get tedious pretty fast. If you’re in the area I’d recommend checking it out.

Author: Dan Collins

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