Power Kiting – Talacre

This weekend a friend of mine, Tom, came down to stay at my house. The original plan was to go to Snowdon and then up to Llandudno for some power kiting. Before we set off we checked the tidal forecast for around where we were going and it said high tide would be around 9am and so we thought it’d be best to go up Snowdon first and then make our way to the beach to do some kiting.

We set off from Flint about 9am on the morning of the 11th but all of a sudden low black clouds started to roll in over the mountains and so upon the advice of the locals we decided to give Snowdon a miss for today. We didn’t have the right gear to go up a mountain in a storm so it would have been a bit stupid to do so. As we were giving Snowdon a miss we went straight to Llandudno instead but completely forgot about the tidal forecasts. The beach was pretty much non-existent due to the high tide and so we definitely weren’t kiting there.  We drove to the other side of Llandudno to see if there were any spots that hadn’t been flooded by the tide but it was pretty much the same. After a short drive around Conwy we set the Sat Nav to take us to Talacre in North Wales as this was pretty much down the road from my house and by the time we got there the tide would be on its way out.

When we got to Talacre the water was further out than I thought it would be and so there was plenty of space. There were hardly anybody on the beach when we arrived so we didn’t have to look out for people walking past when we were using the kite. I’ve never had a go at power kiting before but Tom has his own kite and knew his stuff. It took us a while to untangle the lines but by the time we done that the tide was  all of the way out. There was more than enough space now and the land was pretty flat so made it perfect.

I used uk.weather.com to get the weather forecast but it also gives you the wind forecast on the “hour-by-hour” section of the website. The forecast said the wind would be between 16-19kmph coming in from a North-West direction. This was perfect as it meant we’d be blown inland rather than out to sea (which knowing how terrible I am at kiting proved useful!)

Tom took the reigns of the kite first to show me how it was done and managed to get a pretty high jump out of it. If I had to guess I’d say he got around 6ft off the ground.

Power Kiting Talacre

After Tom had a few goes I took up the reigns and had a go but was amazed by how hard it actually is. You have to  put all of your weight in to it and put some serious effort in with your arms to steer the kite. I won’t lie, I wasn’t very good at it! I don’t think my brain could quite process trying to stay on the ground, keeping the kite in the air, steering it and not look like a fool all at the same time. I ended up flat on my face at one point and somehow managed to put my entire body through one of the lines holding the kite. I’d definitely do it again though as it’s a good laugh! I’d recommend everyone else to have a go too – just make sure you have somebody with you who knows how to use one otherwise you could end up on a RTW trip by accident!

Power Kiting Talacre

Talacre is definitely one of the best places for power kiting though. The beach isn’t busy, it’s really flat and there seems to be a constant wind. You have to watch the stones on there though as Tom found out when he smashed in to them and resulted in a septic leg!

Author: Dan Collins

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