Sailing in Currumbin – Gold Coast

Yhaaaaargh! Raise the anchor, hoist the sails, we’re goin’ to sea me hearties!

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m not a pirate, but I’d make a bloody good pirate if I was one! Sitting around the kitchen in the morning we joked about just driving south and finding somewhere where we could go sailing… so we did it. We drove down in Currumbin and circled around until we found a good place to stop. My friends had been there the previous week kayaking and noticed a shop that hired out tinnies (or boats to you and I) so we thought we’d go take a look. It was a very reasonable price to be fair, only $50 to hire it out for the day. If you’re ever in Currumbin on the Gold Coast then the shop is right next to the sea and only a few hundred yards inland from the sea wall near Elephant Rock (it’s unmissable once you’re there)

Currumbin SailingIt wasn’t the warmest of days we chose to go on especially when the sun became blocked by the clouds passing over or large trees blocking it out. We took a bit of a picnic on the boat with us and some homemade biscuits that my friend had made especially for the day – the biscuits were bloody delicious!

Tom “drove” the boat first. I say “drove” because I’m not exactly sure what the correct term for it is when it comes to boating…but you understand what it is that I’m on about. The river wasn’t too choppy. The odd bit of wind would make a few waves especially when heading further towards the open sea but we mainly went in the other direction up the river. I took to the helm after Tom. We stayed out on the river for a while but we had to get back to the house for something, I can’t remember what it was now but I’m sure it was important. I’m pretty sure that we took the boat beyond the limits that we were meant to and we certainly didn’t stick to the speed limit… oh well!

Currumbin Sailing Elephant RockWe stopped at Elephant Rock on the way back. I don’t have a clue why they call it Elephant Rock. Personally I didn’t think it looked anything like an elephant, but maybe Australian Elephants look different to the English ones? If that is the case then it would explain why I’ve never seen an Elephant since being out here… who knows!? But yeah… Elephant Rock was cool. It’s basically a big rock on the coast that you can climb. I’m not sure if you’re meant to climb it or not, but we did. That’s where I took this fantastically amazing photo with my fantastically amazing cheap camera! A whole 30 English pounds on eBay… bargain! Much cheaper than my other camera… a whole 800 English pounds – and that was just for the camera never mind the lens’s!

Author: Dan Collins

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