Sun, Sea and Sandboarding!

Day 3 started just like day 2. We woke up fairly early again (around 5:30am) and took another walk along the beach. This time we walked in the opposite direction and climbed some rocks that were located on the far end of the beach. From the top of the rocks you could see for miles out in to the ocean. I assume that we were fairly far away from any other resorts as the only noise was the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks below as the tide was slowly coming in.

We didn’t stay on the beach for too long before heading back to the room to get some food. We had egg and bacon bagels again but like yesterday I forgot how terrible the frying pan was. The eggs turned out better this time, but they were still a mess!

After breakfast the weather wasn’t sure what it wanted to do and so we took advantage of the resorts swimming pool and sauna. I’ve never been in a sauna before so it was a ‘cool’ experience. Tom decided to put it on its hottest setting – I think it climbed just above 100 degrees Celsius. That’s what he told me anyway – I could have just been very gullible!

Dead Mans Beach

After the sauna we headed back to the room and retrieved our wetsuits ready for an early morning dive. We tried to book some adventure tours the day before but unfortunately they were sold out. The waves were still too rough to go off the main beaches too and so we headed back to Amity.

The water wasn’t as clear today due to the water being a little rough and sediment getting kicked up from the ocean floor. I have a terrible fear of the unknown so once I could no longer see a few feet in front of me I headed back towards the shallower parts and dived there. We forgot to take our dive knives with us and due to those waters being renowned for having sharks I didn’t fancy it with conditions like those.

After some time diving we got changed in to some dry clothes and headed over to Dead Man’s Beach. There’s a whole load of rock pools there that are good for seeing some aquatic creatures of the shelled kind. We saw a few crabs but that was about it really. As we were clambering over the rocks Tom spotted a gigantic hill of sand behind us and we immediately both though – SANDBOARDING!

We walked back to the car to fetch the boards we’d brought with us and then set up at the bottom of the hill. Tom went up first (yeah, I’m not stupid! Send somebody else to check the conditions first!) He came down the hill at some speed… followed by a spectacular crash! As he reached the bottom he told me the hill was very deceiving in the sense that it’s a lot higher than it looks and take a lot more effort to climb than you’d think – he was right!


I took the board up next and tried to stick to the track that Tom’s board had calved out already. With the sand already flattened the board went a lot faster than on the previous go! I too ended the run with a nosedive in to the sand – it’s true when people say it gets everywhere!

We each had a few runs down the hill with the board but the heat was starting to get immense, the sand was getting everywhere and we were getting exhausted! We packed the boards back in to the car and headed back to the resort to shower the sand off of us. Once we were all clean we picked up the wetsuits again and headed back to Amity.

By now it was low tide and so technically we should have been able to see more. The water was still a little murky but it was a lot clearer than it was this morning. There wasn’t much in the normal spot that we went to and so I got out and sat in the car with the heaters on and music blaring whilst reading a photography magazine. Tom carried on diving but went to a different area where he said there was even more sea life than normal. Admittedly I was pretty gutted that I missed out on it but at the same time it felt nice to be in the warm and dry for once.


After Tom had finished we headed back to the room for some dinner. We’d heard about some awesome restaurants on the island that we should check out and so after yet another shower and change of clothes we headed out. The first was Sea Shells Café back in Amity so we drove there – we parked up, made our way in to the restaurant only to find it was closed! We’d heard this was the best place to dine on North Stradbroke and we were gutted we got there too late! The next place we tried was back at Point Lookout. Apparently the food was nice in the Bowls club but once we pulled up in the car it looked a bit scabby so we quickly moved on. Instead of driving to other places to find we didn’t like them we went back to the pizza place that we had food from on the first day on the Island.

We only bought the one pizza this time – a family sized pepperoni! It was a lot spicier than the last time we bought it but it was very nice. After another quick game of scrabble (I know, we’re lame) we headed off to bed. There was a Stephen Fry program on the TV that was fairly interesting so we watched that for a while before actually going to sleep. It was a good day!

Author: Dan Collins

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