The first time I went to Australia myself and a few friends took a trip to Sydney a few days in to my trip. As we were staying on the Gold Coast Sydney was around 868km away from where we were staying and according to Google maps it takes approximately 11 hours and 17 minutes to arrive via car without making any stops (but then again Google didn’t account for the way the British drive!).

Sydney HarborWe left the house around 6pm on a Thursday night and set off down the Pacific Highway. It was a pretty straight forward drive, we had a Sat Nav and Tom drove for most of the night. I  took over driving for a few hours around 1am and then switched back just before we got to the city because I’m a terrible driver in cities (seriously). As Tom is a professional photographer we pulled up at Blues Point which is just below Sydney Harbor Bridge so that he could get some sunrise panoramic photos. I tried to get a picture on my trusted £30 point and shoot camera too but I’m guessing I was pretty tired due to my photos being half of the bridge and blurred to fcuk.

After getting the photos we drove to the house where we would be staying for the weekend. Obviously tired from the night of driving the 3 of us crashed out on the sofas and woke some time in the afternoon. That night we went out to some Italian place in town and had some of the best pizza I’ve ever tasted. As expected for Sydney it was rather pricey but I suppose you get what you pay for in a city!

The next day we went to Sydney Zoo. It was an O.K zoo…. not the largest in the world but then again it wasn’t the smallest. It had koala’s and other animals (as you’d probably expect in a zoo), but it was a gorgeous day too so it was a good day out. After the Zoo we went to a friend of a friend for a BBQ and a bit of a night out. I was still pretty damn tired and sunburned so kept myself to myself for most of the night. Myself and Tom took a walk to the shop to try and get some stuff for back at the house but we must have walked about 20 minutes before realising we’d actually walked past it. When we did finally get to it the place was closed. Trying to avoid the murderers and thieves who were eying us up from the dark alleys we walked a bit faster before we became the bitch of some Sydney gangstas.

Sydney ZooOn the Sunday we met up with some of the other friends again down in Sydney at a place called Gordon’s Bay. It looked more like a place that the locals went to rather than tourists so it was pretty nice. It had a small area of beach and then gigantic rock formations around the side of the bay where people were just chilling. It was a really nice place but I absolutely hate sea water and the feel of moss or coral or whatever it is that’s on the rocks in the sea so I only went in the once.

We didn’t stay too long before heading back to the car and then on the way back to the house we all admitted how much we didn’t actually like Sydney and so made a sharp exit back to the Gold Coast. We drove through the night again and again Tom drove for most of the way. We swapped once so he could eat his McDonalds but then he took over again – you’d swear he didn’t trust me driving his car. But then again, I probably wouldn’t either.

Author: Dan Collins

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