Travelling Perth, Australia On A Budget

Australia is a backpacker’s paradise and the whole country seems set up for tourists who have to watch their overall expenditure. This is most true in the beautiful city of Perth. With regard to travel expenses, flights to Perth are usually cheaper than flights to other Australian cities, and booking them is very easy and hassle-free, so this city – above all others – is one that many backpackers choose.

Perth is the capital in Western Australia and it is the largest city in the state. There are five domestic air operators who fly to Perth and about 17 or so international airlines. Getting from the airport to the centre of the city is easy by taxi but, if you are watching your budget, then take the airport shuttle which connects all four terminals to the city. A return fare is about AU$30 and there is no need to book ahead. Alternatively, take one of the airport buses. These are timed to coincide with the arrival of international flights.


Perth, like nearly all Aussie cities, is blessed with a good range of accommodation options including some luxury hotels. However, the backpackers’ accommodation is the cheapest way to go. Expect decent rooms in hostels, but it is advisable to book ahead unless you are happy to share a dormitory. Prices tend to vary, depending on the exact level of accommodation and the location, but you can expect to spend anything between AU$25 to AU$35 per night.

The areas on the outskirts of the city are full of campsites and caravan parks. These are very popular with tourists who have spent a few days in the city and then want somewhere to stay in the country which is reasonably priced. Perth also has some self catering apartments available to hire, but these only work out to be cost effective if you are travelling in a group.


Perth has some great attractions, like the Araluen Botanic Park or Adventure World, a theme park. Nevertheless, there are some wonderful things to see and do which won’t set you back a penny. You can discover some stunning scenery, for example, on Perth’s doorstep in the national, nature and marine parks.

These parks offer some wonderful walking trails and hiking tracks many of which are located within a few bus stops of the central area and a few which you can walk to from the city centre. There are also bike trails to be explored and hiring bicycles is not prohibitively expensive. Also, don’t miss out on some of Perth’s galleries and museums, many of which are free or which offer discounted rates for students.

Summing up

Don’t worry about financial constraints if you want to visit Perth, Australia and enjoy its wide array of attractions because you can save a substantial amount of cash if you’ll consider the information that were presented above.

The said city is backpacker’s paradise that you shouldn’t miss if you want a unique destination that is that is relaxing and exciting at the same time.

Author: Dan Collins

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