Wave Jumping, Tubing and The Police

It’s been a pretty disastrous week this week and so to try and pick things up again Tom and I decided to take the boat out with the new outboard motor we have for it (25 horse power).

I got woken up at 6:43am – yes, 6:43am on a Saturday! Scandalous! I had a shower, grabbed some food and then got ready to go out. We hauled the boat on to the roof of the car and loaded the motor in to the boot then set off towards the Spit. There’s a public boat ramp there but you’re not allowed to hang around on the ramp getting things ready – with us having to prep the boat before going out we wouldn’t be able to use this and so we went around the corner to a flat part of the beach.

As we were taking the boat off of the roof two guys came over and offered us some help. We placed the boat in to the water and then noticed that they had a jet ski. We got talking to them and they offered us a ride on it later on. This wasn’t something we were going to say no to!

After loading all of our things in to the boat we headed over to Wavebreak Island. We anchored on the beach there and took the snorkelling gear to the rocks nearby. There were swarms of fish down there! I bought a new underwater case for another camera I had and these pictures came out a little better than the other camera we took to Stradbroke with us. The water wasn’t very clear down there as the tide was just coming in but it was still clear enough to see things.

We didn’t spend too long there before heading back out in the boat again. We took the boat for a few runs up and down the shipping lanes before heading back to the place that we launched from. As we pulled up the guys with the Jet Ski came over and offered us a ride.

Tom went out on it first with one of the guys and was gone for around half an hour. I was trying to empty the boat of any water while he was gone and then jumped on to the Jet Ski as they got back. The guy drove it out in to the ocean first and took us wave jumping. As we were at the bottom of a wave he would put the Jet Ski in to full throttle and the ski would launch itself up and over the wave. We were getting at least 6ft of air on some of the jumps and landing with quite a smash – it was awesome! He let me have a go after that and then I got to drive back in to the beach.

Driving the Jet Ski was such an adrenaline rush! The speed that they can get up to is amazing. The acceleration on them is unreal too! Tom went to collect Holly from the house when we got back and I stayed to mind the boat. I forgot to put any sun cream on before he left with the car so I took to the water to try and reduce the burn! Tom took around 45 mins to get back but once they did the guy and his jet ski offered us all a ride on the tube attached to the back of it.

Tom went first and managed to stay on all of the way around. Holly went second but fell off on the last corner which was certainly the hardest of them all. I went on the tube last and managed to stay on all of the way around (sort of!). On the last corner I could feel my legs slipping off and then the tube flipped. I was still holding on to the handles while skimming along the water. Somehow I managed to tip the tube back over and climb on top during the skid – I know what you’re thinking and I agree with you – I’m awesome.

To repay them for taking us out on the Jet Ski we took the guys kids out on the boat with us for a quick run up and down the water. As we pulled up to the beach and anchored the boat the marine police pulled in alongside us. We didn’t have any registration on the boat and so technically we were breaking the law. We didn’t realise we had to have registration for it and they let us off due to being foreign!

We’re planning on doing our boating license soon so that we can take it out again! We need a license before you can get registration for it so we’ll see how that goes!

Author: Dan Collins

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